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WiZ Updates Existing Products With Matter

Signify has announced that their budget-friendly smart home line WiZ has released a firmware update which will bring Matter support to their smart bulbs, plugs, and lamps. The products will need to have been manufactured from at least Q2 2021.

WiZ products had previously supported Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Siri Shortcuts. There was no native Apple Homekit support so those users were left with needing to resort to unofficial means, like Homebridge. The Matter update promises to improve responsiveness and remove the reliance on cloud services as the products should now work locally on your network.

How To Update Your WiZ Products To Matter:

To update their products, users will first need to download the new WiZ v2 app and migrate their compatible products over. Then, tap on the Integrations icon in the settings tab, tap the Matter logo and a list of devices that can be updated to Matter will show up. From there, just tap on each one to start their update to Matter.

How To Add Your WiZ Products To Your Matter Platform:

Once the firmware on their products has been updated, users will be able to add them to their preferred Matter platform (Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, SmartThings). If they were already in the platform, users might first need to remove them to avoid possible duplicate devices showing up after this process.

Step 1: In the WiZ v2 app, go to “Settings“, and tap “Integration” under the current home section.

Step 2: Tap “Matter” in the integration list.

Step 3: Select the device you want to setup within your preferred Matter platform (e.g. Apple Homekit).

Step 4: Scroll down and tap “start setup” button, then the WiZ app will trigger the device into the Matter setup mode. You should be able to see a “blink” on the device which indicates it’s in the Matter setup mode. The app will generate a Matter QR Code on a per-product basis.

Step 5: Open your preferred Matter home app (e.g. Apple) and follow the setup flow in their app.

  • During the setup, they will ask you to either scan the QR code (from Step 4) or input the numeric code. Both pieces of information are all on the same page as you trigger the Matter setup mode.
  • Please Note: Your WiZ device MUST be in the same network with your Matter hub and the corresponding app, otherwise, the setup will fail.

Step 6: Be aware that the Matter setup mode on the device will only stay for 15 mins. 

WiZ Products

Owned by Signify, who also own Philips Hue, their WiZ line offers budget-friendly smart home products that utilize WiFi. You can find most of their products on their Amazon Store.

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