TUO Button, Contact Sensor, and Smart Lock

TUO Smart Button, Contact Sensor, and Smart Lock with Thread

TUO – a new smart home company – has come out of the gates with some pretty interesting products. They have announced their new Smart Button and Contact Sensor – which both feature Matter over Thread – and a Smart Lock that features Thread and Apple Home Key support (and should get a future Matter update).

Smart Button

The TUO Smart Button offers Single, Double, and Long Press actions which can be programmed to trigger automations, scenes, or simple on/off commands through your chosen smart home platform. The button uses a single CR2032 battery and comes with said battery, a magnetic wall plate, and cool set of Stickers for customizing your button(s) with identifiable icons. The button features Matter, so you can add the button to multiple smart home platforms, but because it uses Matter over Thread, you will need a platform device with a Thread Border Router like a HomePod Mini or a Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen). The TUO Smart Button is priced at $34.99 US and is currently available on TUO’s website with a 10% Off code TUOJULY.

Contact Sensor

The TUO Contact Sensor, just like the Smart Button, uses Matter over Thread and features a different overall look than most sensors on the market. It uses a single CR2450 battery (bigger than the Smart Button’s battery). Contact Sensors are great for setting up home security automations for your doors and windows. The TUO Contact Sensor is priced at $29.99 and is currently available on TUO’s website with a 10% Off code TUOJULY. Shipping starts sometime in July.

Smart Lock

The TUO Smart Lock is an advanced locking solution for your door – replacing your deadbolt – and features Thread and Apple Home Key integration for use in your Apple Homekit ecosystem. Users will be able to unlock their door with the tap of their Apple iPhone or Apple Watch, essentially turning your Apple device into a key. There is no mention of Matter support but one must assume, given their other products, that it’ll get a Matter update in the future once it receives certification. The TUO Smart Lock is priced at $199.99 and available for pre-order from TUO’s website. No word on when it will begin shipping.

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