TP-Link Tapo Smart Switches with Matter

TP-Link Tapo Smart Switches

TP-Link has updated their Tapo lineup (not to be confused with their Kasa lineup) with Matter enabled Smart Switches. The Tapo S505 is a smart light switch and the Tapo S505D is a Smart Dimmer Switch which lets you adjust the brightness of your bulbs from 1% to 100%. The Smart Dimmer Switch also features a “Fade On/Off” setting that smoothly adjusts the lighting levels without sudden eye-irritating brightness or darkness over the course of a selected period of time.

The switches communicate over 2.4ghz Wi-Fi and can be used locally without the need for a hub. They are both single-pole switches, so you can’t use them in your 3-way switch setups, and they both require a neutral wire.

The switches are available today and currently have a 5% off coupon on Amazon.

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