Onvis S4 Smart Plug Matter over Thread

Onvis Releases Smart Plug with Matter over Thread

Onvis has officially released their new U.S smart plug with Matter on Amazon. This smart plug differs from most of the recently announced Matter-certified smart plugs in that it uses Thread instead of Wi-Fi. Thread is considered far superior to Wi-Fi and is the preferred communication protocol for Matter-certification.

The Onvis S4 Smart Plug has launched with a much lower price point than the only other Matter over Thread smart plug on the market – the Eve Energy Smart Plug. The 1-Pack is listed at $19.99, the 2-Pack is listed at $36.99, and the 4-Pack is listed at $59.99. That makes it 50% cheaper than the Eve Energy Smart Plug. For fans of Thread (and how could you not be a fan of the speed & responsiveness) that is a huge savings for a smart plug featuring Matter over Thread. There is also an additional 15% Off coupon on the 1-Pack and 4-Pack.

If you are interested in the Onvis S4 Smart Plug featuring Matter over Thread, it is now available on Amazon.

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